Although VAT charges can be a complicated issue in print, we only have to consider either zero rated or 20% VAT charges.

Below is a list of the products on our website that are VAT zero rated and others that are subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20%.

Please play special attention to flyers, as flyers are normally zero rated, but in some cases VAT can be charged at 20% if a flyer is to be written on a coverage of 25% or more then VAT will apply.

Firstly the products on this website that are VAT chargeable at 20%

Business Cards
Compliment Slips
Restaurant Menus

Products that are VAT zero rated:

Takeaway menus:
Brochures and Booklets: 
Leaflets and Flyers: All Leaflets and flyers folded or flat without any lamination.

Leaflets and flyers VAT becomes applicable if lamination is added or the product has to be written on 25% of the total area of the leaflet, has a price printed for admission, or states a certain percentage is discounted when this flyer or leaflet is produced, therefore in these circumstances VAT becomes applicable at 20%.

Each print order is assessed on its own merit, if we feel that your product does need to have VAT added after you have paid for it, you will be notified by email that VAT will need to be paid, with the reasons why. 
You will then receive another email with a secure payment link from Cardsave stating your product ID, with the total sum of VAT payable for that particular order.

(Please note that your product cannot be released for delivery until all VAT is paid.)